Roll out the Red Carpet & Become the STAR in Your Life!

Holistic Weight Loss Coaching: Roll out the Red Carpet & Become the STAR in Your Life!

As women, we have become proficient at putting everyone else before ourselves. In the end, it costs us mentally, physically and it can even make us feel we have betrayed ourselves.

Now more than ever, taking care of you and being the STAR of your life is so important.

Our Holistic Health Coach, Lorna Sophocleous, helps women who are frustrated with their weight and who just do not know where and how to start.

Lorna created her method after years of her own personal struggles of yo-yo dieting, bingeing and never getting off the weight loss merry-go-round.

Step into the star of who YOU really are and look and feel younger

Using Lorna’s weight loss strategies, you too can lose weight permanently just as she has done.

~Double your energy

~Re-connect to the pleasure of food, without dieting and deprivation

~Build tools for a lifetime that will keep you on track, even when the world can feel very stressful

~Your mindset will become your best friend, not your worst enemy keeping you in the cycle of destruction

Don’t write off 2020! It can be the silver lining that leads you towards becoming an agent of change and take the steps towards losing the weight and having the body you always dreamed about.  It is possible!


During these trying times, living a healthy lifestyle has never been more important.

Join our in-house Holistic Health Coach, Lorna Sophocleous, as she addresses any and all of your concerns. Each workshop will have a different topic.  Here are some:


~digestion/gut health

~5 Ways Digestion Impacts your Hormones

~How to live the Detoxification lifestyle

~Irresistible Self Confidence

~Stress Management

~Weight loss

And more!

Call us for more details!

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