We recommend you book a private session to familiarize yourself with the Stott V2 Max reformer, however our workout does not require you to start with a private session as the classes are designed to work in a small group setting. If you do not choose to do a private, we do require that you take an orientation class first. Because clients have their own machine, you can modify each exercise to suit your current fitness level. After the orientation class most new students do fine stepping into our beginner group classes. If you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, it is recommended that you see a doctor first. If you are concerned, just let us know and we will take care of you. Please arrive ten minutes early for your first visit so you can get set up on your machine before the class begins.

We have an easy to use and extremely secure software system to assist you in reserving a session. We recommend all our members down load our Art of Pilates branded app from their app store or use our automated on-line booking system. Simply create a user name and password and use it to purchase and schedule a session with your credit card. You can also track your visit history. If you need more information, just send us an email. It is always best to reserve your session ahead of time to guarantee you have a spot available. Our schedule allows you to book 30 days in advance so you can plan your sessions around your schedule. Should you prefer to pay by cash or check, please call us.

Yes. It is very important to arrive on time as a respect to the studio and other clients. Sometimes, clients will drop in to see if someone does not show up allowing them a space in the class. If you do not arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled class time, your space may be given to someone who is waiting. Be sure to sign in to class so we know you were present!

The waitlist is a great way to get the class you want when the schedule looks full! Cancellations happen often, so many of our wait-listed clients get added to the classes. All you have to do is reserve a spot in the full class that you want, and you will be added to the waitlist for that class. If a spot becomes available, you should receive an automated courtesy email letting you know you have been added to the class. You are confirmed! While we do send out courtesy emails, you will be responsible for managing your waitlist. Please always check your profile online to see if you’ve gotten added, in case you didn’t receive the email. Once you are added to the class from a wait list, you are considered confirmed and held to the cancellation policy. Its important that you take yourself off the wait list right away if you know you don’t want to take the class anymore, otherwise you will be automatically added and considered confirmed.  If you choose to wait list for more than one session, you MUST keep track of your schedule. Once added to a class, you need to cancel out other sessions you have wait listed. We are not responsible for clients who are added to more than one session per day.

  • – For safety and sanitary reasons, we require everyone to wear non-slip, tread socks during the class. No shoes are needed for classes.
  • – We have a water dispenser, but some students like to bring their own water.
  • – Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in, much like you would for a yoga class or the gym.
  • – Jewelry is NOT a good idea.
  • – No cell phones during classes, let yourself have 50 minutes that is all about you.
  • – No strong perfumes as some students are allergic.
  • – Your credit card is on file, so cash/credit/check is not necessary to bring unless you prefer not to make your payment online. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.

Sorry, but all purchases are final, and are not transferable. Please read our terms & conditions carefully or contact us with a specific question.

Instructors are unable to take calls or questions during classes. For a faster response, simply call us or e-mail us . We recommend that all of our clients become familiar with our automated booking system. It is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to book classes.